Hello. My name is Hristijan.

I am a 19-year-old student hacker from Skopje, Macedonia. Currently in my first year of studies towards a bachelor’s in CSE @ Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje I dropped out of uni and I'm currently working for a software company where I mainly write TypeScript. Since I'm too young to start a career, I'm planning to continue my education next year, somewhere abroad. My interests include CS, privacy, astronomy and history. I also like StarCraft II, although I am not really good at it.

Here you can find my {{ git, keys }}. I also keep an inactive blog, and a gopherhole at gopher://lh.mk.

The easiest way to contact me is through email:

ichtinnotl AT gmail DOT com

Phone would be easier if you have my number. I'm yyy on IRC. Usually on freenode, unix.chat and cyberia.

some useful links: {{ 2f30, OpenBSD, dataswamp.org, bitreich, suckless, cyberia.is, astronomija.mk, b10g.spodeli.org, }}

I highly recommend checking out The Cliff Nest, it is an interactive serial sci-fi book with some InfoSec challenges. :)